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Hairstyles for thick coarse wavy hair

Having thick, coarse, wavy hair can give some styling demanding situations. The thickness gives you high-quality volume, however, the texture can cause frizziness and make hair harder to paint with. Finding the proper hairstyle is prime to managing unruly locks. The accurate information is that there are numerous flattering options specifically for thick, wavy hair.

Hairstyles for thick coarse wavy hair

Understanding coarse, wavy hair

Before getting into precise hairstyles, let’s narrow down what defines this hair type. 

Coarse hair has a thicker strand diameter and extra layers inside the hair shaft compared to excellent or medium hair. The texture is frizzy and may lack shine and moisture.

Wavy hair has seen S-shaped waves which are looser and greater spaced out than tight, springy curls. The waves can vary from slightly there to very distinguished. 

Thick hair has extra hair follicles consistent with a square inch, so there is more quantity and mass. Thick hair frequently has problems retaining a fashion and staying smooth.

Some human beings are blessed with all three of those tendencies, resulting in hair that tends to look big, full, frizzy, and usually unruly. But having masses of hair to work with can also be a bonus for styling versatility.

Let’s look at some of the great hairstyles and haircuts for taming and styling thick, coarse waves.

Long hairstyles for coarse wavy hair

Long hair indicates the herbal motion of waves fantastically. The weight also facilitates elongating curls and stretching them out in place of letting them get tight and bouncy. The secret is preserving the bulk under management with long layers.

Hairstyles for thick coarse wavy hair, long coarse hair

Long beachy waves

For natural texture with polish, lengthy layered locks with beachy waves can’t be beaten. Have your stylist point reduce the ends to cast off bulk and then add face-framing layers across the hairline. This will make the waves lightweight enough to act whilst preserving masses of frame.


Effortless bohemian layers 

Channel your inner boho goddess with lots of choppy layers cut throughout the lengths and ends. This piece-y look embraces the natural motion and lets thick hair do its component. Separating sections and permitting them to air dry is the easiest way to style. A curl cream or mousse will assist in outlining the waves.


Blown out waves

Get glossy, bright waves by blowing hair out with a round brush. Apply a warmth protectant and then dry sections of hair with the use of a big spherical brush, rolling ends outward as you blow dry. The anxiety smooths the cuticle and stretches out the coil pattern. Soft waves with lots of extents will keep for days.


Medium Length Hairstyles for Coarse Hair 

Shoulder duration cuts are remarkable for dealing with thick wavy hair. Taking a few durations off makes hair lighter, less difficult to style, and more able to maintain a curl. There are limitless chic medium-length alternatives.

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Shoulder Length Layers

Medium-layered locks finishing around the collarbones are universally flattering. Shoulder duration layers thin out thick hair and take away weight, allowing the natural texture to take a middle degree. Piece-y ends deliver hair waft and movement too.

Classic Lob

The conventional long bob or lob is a tapered cut finishing anywhere from the jawline to the collarbone. It works on all hair kinds however is specifically quality for coarse waves. The extra length weighs hair down so the sample has a threat to ease out in place of frizz. Frequent trims are vital to keep the easy form.  



Short Hairstyles for Thick Wavy Hair

Going quick lets you remove a number of the mass that causes thick hair to misbehave. Well-located layers and texture are key to maximising extent and waft. Chin and shoulder-skimming cuts also show off waves and curls superbly.

Shoulder-Grazing Shag

A medium shag cut with brief bangs and face-framing layers at the front blends longer portions in the lower back. This Windblown look has plenty of texture best ideal for coarse waves. Air dry for maximum volume and separation.

Angled Bob

A traditional **angled bob** cut to the jaw on one side and just past the chin on the alternative eliminates weight whilst playing up the feel. Piece-y ends and short stacked layers within the again create tons of movement best for accentuating waves. 


Textured Pixie 

For the brave at heart, a layered pixie indicates terrific herbal texture and extent. Choppy layers reduce at some stage to create separation and drift whilst shorter under-layers keep thick hair from poufing. Style via scrunching in mousse and tousling portions for definition. The shorter the hair, the more the waves and curls stand out.

Styling Tips for Coarse Wavy Hair

While an amazing reduction lays the inspiration, styling plays an equally essential position in managing coarse waves. Here are a few top guidelines:

- Always paintings in styling merchandise on soaking wet hair properly after washing. Creams, mousses and gels penetrate excellently whilst the cuticle is open and may then help hair dry smoothly.

- Let hair air dry as much as feasible. The heat from blowdrying and warm gear reasons frizzing. Scrunch with arms periodically as the hair dries to encourage waves. 

- Use a diffuser on low warmth to complete drying quicker without inflicting frizz. Or wrap massive sections of hair in a microfiber towel while doing makeup.

- Sleep in a loose top knot or braid. This prevents thick hair from getting flattened in a single day. Milkmaid braids are exquisite as they are very loose. 

 Best Products for Coarse Wavy Hair 

Using the right styling merchandise makes a big distinction in handling unruly waves. Here are some pinnacle pointers for coarse hair textures:

R+Co High Dive Moisture & Shine Cream - hydrates hair, cuts frizz, and enhances shine to ease the cuticle  

Ouai Wave Spray - boosts texture, adds volume at the roots, and defines waves  

Bumble and Bumble Surf Infusion - creates beachy texture and enables waves to form with out getting crunchy

Kérastase Elixir Ultime L’Huile Original Hair Oil - nourishes coarse strands and protects in opposition to warmness damage

How to take care of coarse hair step by step

Finding patterns that work with your natural texture as opposed to towards its miles is honestly the important thing to loving your locks. Hopefully, those recommendations come up with the muse and confidence to include your thick, coarse waves in all their glory!


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