Friday 12 January 2024

9 Brilliant dorm room hacks for the trendiest space on campus

Decorating dorm rooms can be an exciting endeavour! For students just moving into their campus housing, personalising bland spaces brings great opportunities to upgrade their living situation. 

While the move-in process can seem daunting at first, adding some creative touches goes a long way. Strategically placed string lights or printed motivational posters quickly transform basic dorm rooms, making them feel more welcoming. Plush rugs on the floors add comforting textures under feet. Organising snacks and drinks into cute caddies provides fuel for late nights of studying. Displaying photos from home also helps ease feelings of homesickness many students experience. 

The ideas for upgrades are endless! By infusing dorms with personalised elements and meaningful memorabilia, students can craft relaxing retreats ideal for de-stressing when college life gets intense. From fairy lights to throw pillows, it pays to get inventive. A thoughtfully decorated dorm that reflects individual personalities and tastes can profoundly impact students' happiness and productivity. Any upcoming undergraduate should absolutely embrace dorm decoration! Making spaces their own oases helps campuses really start feeling like home.

I have a suggestion in case you're looking for ideas on organising your desk space. My laptop fits perfectly inside one of the smaller drawers of my desk. Storing it there helps keep the top of my desk clear and makes my room look tidier. Even if you don't end up putting your laptop in a drawer, I'm sure your room still looks great.

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