Monday 27 November 2023

14 Habits to help You become a better person in 2024

We've all slipped up and made errors in judgement that didn't show our best side - like picking on someone when we were younger or telling a fib that seemed harmless, not giving enough space for an elderly person to pass in front or not giving up a seat to them on the bus.

Sometimes these mistakes happen without us realising and that beautiful gesture that we've learnt from our parents gets lost between a busy day and stress after work. More often than not though, those mistakes probably left you feeling guilty afterwards, and you likely learned from the experience.

I'm just an everyday person aiming to improve both my professional and personal life. Perfection isn't reachable, but that won't stop me from trying. If you want to keep growing as an individual, here are 14 ways to get the most out of your journey.

Start Your Day with Gratitude

Be grateful for at least one thing in everyday, reflect on what you're grateful for - your health, loved ones, basic necessities. This simple practice helps you start the day with a positive mindset.
Commit random Acts of Kindness go out of your way to help others whenever you can, whether it's holding the door for someone or paying for a stranger's coffee. Small acts of kindness make a big difference.

The one thing I learnt while I was doing a counselling course was the importance of Listening More Than Speaking, being present in conversations and focusing on understanding rather than quick answers to the questions, or saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.. You'll learn more by listening first.

  1. Admit when you're wrong we all make mistakes. Owning up to them builds trust and respect. Don't be afraid to apologize sincerely when needed.
  2. Give people the benefit of the doubt approach situations positively instead of assuming others have bad intentions. Look for the good in people.
  3. Let go of anger and resentment holding onto negative emotions hurts you, and other people. Practice forgiveness even if you feel wronged.
  4. Spend time with nature studies show being outdoors reduces stress and improves mood. appreciate the natural world by going for walks or sitting in a park.
  5. Find ways to help others and volunteer your time to a cause you care about or help someone in need. Giving back provides fulfilment.
  6. Show compassion be understanding and caring, especially to those less fortunate. A little compassion goes a long way.
  7. Develop new skills challenge yourself to learn new things. Take a class, read more, or master a hands-on skill. Knowledge enhances life.
  8. Handle challenges with grace hard times will come but don't get discouraged. Face difficulties with courage, wisdom, faith, and dignity.
  9. Let go of Unhealthy Habits bad habits like smoking, excessive drinking, or constant junk food drag you down. Replace them with healthy choices.
  10. Find work you're passionate about doing work you love gives each day more meaning. 
  11. Discover what interests you and find related opportunities.
  12. Make your health a priority treat your body well through nutrition, exercise, sleep and preventative care. Good health allows you to live life fully.
  13. Spread positivity
  14. Share kind words, give sincere compliments, and express gratitude. Positivity is contagious.

You don't need to wait for the new year to change your life for the better. Good habits can be cultivated daily, step-by-step. Slow progress is better than continuing harmful behaviours that leave you stuck.Becoming your best self is an ongoing journey. Implementing even a few positive habits can enrich your life and positively impact those around you.

Final thoughts:

Rather than an overwhelming resolution, focus on minor improvements. Read an inspiring book, learn a new skill, or have an uplifting conversation. These are simple ways to gradually become the person you aspire to be.

The path to self-growth takes persistence, but is well worth the effort. With daily small steps in the right direction, you can transform your life for the better. The journey begins as soon as you decide to change.

I hope that this text helps you to grow as a person.

By: Vanessa Freire


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