Monday 25 September 2023

The Top 3 Handbags brands Worth Investing In


If you landed here, it means that you want to know about the top 3 handbags worth investing in, right? 

Luxury bags are not always expensive or big brand names designed to be shown off, a good bag is demonstrated by how secure you feel and how safe your stuff is. When I say feel secure and safe regarding handbags it is simply, I don't want to have a bag where the shoulder strap is slipping off all of the time or the zip keeps opening while I am running to catch a bus. I refuse to suffer for fashion I do prefer comfy accessories over uncomfortable ones. So, if I do need to pay a little extra to reap the benefits I'll do it, but I'm also happy with good quality cheap products too. 

In this post I'll show you my top 3 handbag brands that are worth investing in and affordable to buy too.

In my opinion, a good handbag should have an adjustable shoulder strap, a main compartment with a zip, be made out of high quality fabric,  be a good size to fit all the necessary things like: deodorant, perfume, makeup, phone, phone charger, women's personal products and some snacks. It should always have an extra pocket with a zip to put your credit card and ID away safely.  

A handbags fabric can be anything the designer choses to make the bag with, and it depends on each person's preference. I prefer Denim fabrics on some occasions, to have the casual jean look, this never goes out of fashion, especially if we are talking about Levi's. Denim in general is hard wearing which means the bag lasts for longer.

This Levi's bag below is the famous Tote, with the perfect look and hand holding option as well as the adjustable arm strap. It costs 35,00 pounds on the official levi's website. 

My second choice is cotton canvas, which can be a stretchier material and also really durable.
This is the classic Kath Kidston design with flowery print, making it all the more feminine. What I like more is the pocket variety; side ones, internal and front pockets. It costs around £49  depending on the shop you buy it from. 


The other one that is really popular is Ted Baker's plastic bags with the cute little bow and thick shinny plastic making the bag super water proof! It has an inside zip pocket, is perfect for raining days, has enough space to carry an umbrella. This bag retails for £45 but if you do a good search online you will find it for cheaper. 

I also love a quality leather bag. Polo Ralph Lauren has some really lovely designs which I am constantly seeing at TKMaxx.

I hope that you like this post! 


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