Saturday 2 September 2023

I tried the viral champneys cooling gel eye mask and it's a game changer

Vanessa freire showing Champneys Cooling Gel Eye Mask

So, I recently tried out this new eye mask from Champneys and I've got to say, it was pretty amazing. I picked it up a while ago when it was on sale on Boots, but only just got around to using it now.

The eye mask is a cooling gel formula that you leave on for 20-30 minutes. I know right?! that seems like forever for an eye mask! I only kept mine on for about 15 minutes because I'm impatient, but it was still enough time for it to work its magic.

photo showing the  Champneys Cooling Gel Eye Mask

After taking off the mask, my under eye area felt so refreshed and awake! The cooling sensation was really calming and relaxing too. I definitely noticed a difference in the appearance of my eyes as well - they looked a lot brighter and my dark circles were much less noticeable.

I'd say this mask lives up to its claims. It's not flashy with anti-aging properties or anything, it's just a solid, basic cooling eye mask that feels amazing. My eyes did look more hydrated and moisturised after using it.

Pretty  Champneys Cooling Gel Eye Mask

The application was easy - just place the 2 gel patches below your eyes and remove them after 15-20 minutes max. I would not keep this on for a full 30 minutes like it says though, no way! but it can be re-used again which is a plus!

Overall, I was really impressed with this eye mask and would definitely use it again. Especially as I love using gel eye masks like this one in the morning to help me look more awake. The cooling sensation just feels so nice and refreshing too!

I picked this up from Boots in the beauty section they have lots of Champneys products. I purchased a set that came with some other masks, but you can also buy just the eye masks on their own. Boots often has good deals on beauty sets like this. I definitely recommend giving this Champneys eye mask a try if you're looking for an effective, no-frills cooling eye mask for tired eyes! I've seen it in store at Boots and online so keep an eye out for offers. But even at full price, it's worth every penny for how refreshing it makes your eyes look and feel.


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