Sunday 10 September 2023

Imagine your best self: steps to create an inspiring life vision

7 Focus Areas to Create an Inspiring Vision

It's common to sometimes feel adrift, questioning who you are and what gives your life meaning. If recent confusion about your path is making you crave a fresh start, this big picture exercise can provide clarity and motivation to build an exciting life that makes you eager to greet each new day. We know certain people who've always known their life's direction, meticulously planning everything since childhood. 

We've also met folks who spent years living the successful life others - society, parents, friends - said they should have, only to realize in their 30s that they feel lost and unhappy. From a young age, outside voices describe how the world is. 

Parents ingrain certain thinking. Schools teach approved thought. Media influences perspectives. Faith traditions prescribe beliefs. Eventually, if lucky, you may grasp that you can choose your own path. You get to make the rules. You can intentionally design a life that resonates with your true self. If you've recently felt stuck and aren't fully content with your current life, I want to share an activity I do when feeling directionless.

Note this visioning exercise is for everyone - teenagers uncertain of the future or professionals seeking change. As preparation, ponder the self-discovery questions that illuminate your values, habits, and emotions. With fresh insight, take action using this dream life visualisation.

What is a life vision? Sometimes you just need to imagine your dream lifestyle, even if it seems unrealistic. Without bold dreams, we lose excitement about possibilities. After all, dreaming is a type of planning. A life vision is a big picture of ideal components for daily living. These "areas" may include spirituality, relationships, health, personal growth, passion, career, finances, and purpose. Your life vision can evolve so it’s okay to adjust goals along the journey. 

The point is to value even your small dreams now because they exist in your heart for a reason. Set aside time to create a new life vision - one you feel aligned with and is clear enough so when opportunities arise, you make empowered choices and take inspired action. 

You can literally create your dream life if you believe in yourself and persistently do the work. As Malala Yousafzai said, "You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." Why a Life Vision Matters It's proven we can live an intentional life we love by consciously designing it. 

When you focus on something - an ideal relationship, dream job, new business - that focus sparks ideas and mental patterns you wouldn't have otherwise. Even your body responds to a mental image as if your dream life was real. The human brain functions in terms of goals and desired results. Once you supply a definite goal, your mind can automatically guide you to achieve it better than conscious effort alone. The brain is wired to solve problems and fill gaps. 

You provide the target by envisioning the end result. Here's why clarity of vision matters and some benefits: Self-Esteem & Motivation - Progress toward your goals builds confidence, making bigger goals feel possible. Growth requires leaving comfort zones. Wise Decisions - Given your aims, align choices accordingly. 

Like, is going out Tuesday wise before a big event? Probably not. With clear focus, you'll make better decisions. Mental Clarity - Taking a moment to articulate the "why" brings your vision into sharper focus. Expanded Options - Understanding the "why" broadens thinking about how to make the result happen.


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