Wednesday 20 September 2023

Blazer outfits Ideas for women

wearing a luxury flower blazer
Photo by Xavier Collin / Image Press Agency

I know that generally women wear blazers just to go to work, for spending time inside a busy office environment and looking smart, then when they leave work the first thing that they want to do is to remove that blazer, but I feel that blazers can be much more than just a job accessory. If you know how to properly dress in a blazer you can go as far as wearing it with an elegant dress or instead of one for a chic gala party. 

The options with blazers are infinite and you can easily find on the internet a variety of styled animal print blazers, denim blazers, black blazers, open blazers with no buttons and more.

As you can see the photo above is showing Miley wearing a luxury flower blazer by Gucci. That day she was at a Gala afterparty. What I like most about this outfit is how it is colourful, with green, red, pink and white colours, she also dressed herself with a matching pair of trousers and bag. Pure glamour! 

Here is another photo of Miley Cyrus wearing a black chic blazer at The Grammys Red Carpet event. It proves to us as women that blazers can be used for any occasion and still be as classy as wearing a dress. 

With time it has become less of a masculine thing to wear trousers and blazers and with the feminine touch and more and more women embracing this look it is a fantastic move for fashion. Not all women want to wear dresses all of the time and having the option to wear eye catching suits and jackets opens up a whole other world of options and alternatives. 

Miley Cyrus wearing a black chic blazer
Photo: Jon Kopaloff/ Getty Images.

I'm obsessed with this animal print blazer coral lining by Lola Casademunt  I can picture a beautiful sunny day out in London Oxford Street wearing exactly that, sadly this item is not available to purchase in UK shops but I am posting it here as a source of inspiration anyway.   

Animal print blazer

If you're that girl that likes to express who the boss is, this Kate Middleton Blazer is the perfect inspiration for this exact moment. 

You can wear a blazer with shorts, with jeans, blazers for weddings and a blazer with converse trainers even. I love how she looks dressed up or the occasion but also super casual.

Kate Middleton Blazer

How can you buy the perfect blazer to wear outside of the office? as I mentioned above, the online stores can be your best friend for this, but going to a physical shop to buy one can save your life and spare you from accidentally buying one that is too short or too big to fit you. 
Before you go shopping let's dive into exactly what you should do before buying any blazers.

First off, get some inspiration, the best place to do this is Pinterest, type this in the search box 'Blazer outfits for women Ideas' now scroll down to see the vast options, all types of colours and designs, next save all of your favourites to your Pinterest board. 

When you have everything you need saved then you can start to compare prices and the best  materials used to make the blazer, clever!! right? You should cover off all the minimum requirements when considering options such as: fabric used to make the blazer, how the material can be washed, does it go into a tumble dryer? Can you iron it? Does it match with your shoes? 

Girls! everything matters and you work too hard to spend your valuable money on something good and be ripped off on first wash day! so be patient and do your research carefully.

Where to buy luxury blazers like Miley Cyrus?
In the first photo she wore a Women's Designer blazer by Gucci, you can pop into the Gucci store before checking all the selections available online. I also found this site "Harrods" easy to access and you can buy items in the UK. 

Another posh brand is Raphael Lauren , but if your ideal choice is something pretty and affordable why not try Shein ASOS or H&M? they have really good ones if you search for them and their fabric is really durable. 

I also found this one jacket which is casual but elegant on Etsy, You can easily go to a Fashion-mall dressed in your best with this Women's wool coat, here is the link

How can you buy with Shein from the uk? 

Access then go to the menu tab and select whatever items you want, or go direct to the blazer section. Today 20/09/2023 they have some offers on, you can get 3 pounds off on an order of 29+ pounds and free shipping, check their website to see more.

What is the Shein payment method?

Credit card, Visa, Debit card and more. There are lots of different options to pay and it is global. If you need more information go to any of the sites I have suggested. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. 


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