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How to take care of wavy hair 8 tips

As a wavy-haired girl myself, I know firsthand the constant battle between frizz and definition. Wavy hair has so much beautiful potential, but it needs special care to look its best. It took me years of experimenting to get my routine right!

How to take care of wavy hair 8 tips
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Now I want to share everything I’ve learned. In this post “How to care for wavy hair: 8 tips”, I’ll walk you through the techniques, products and tricks that have worked for me.

Getting wavy hair to look hydrated and bouncy requires finding the perfect cocktail of ingredients and application methods. It’s all about nourishing strands while still letting texture shine through. With some dedication to a customized hair care regimen, you can fall head over heels for your hair type instead of fighting it.

Let’s dive into my top 8 tips for making wavy hair look ah-mazing! I’ll cover how to wash, condition, style and protect waves so you can flaunt gorgeous, frizz-free locks. Get ready to discover the secret weapons that tame wavy hair’s quirks!

1- Wash with a sulfate-free shampoo

The first step to healthy waves starts in the shower. Many typical shampoos contain harsh sulfates that strip natural oils from the scalp. For chronically dry wavy hair, I recommend switching to a gentle, hydrating formula free of these drying detergents. When scalp oils aren’t over-stripped, they can nourish waves all the way to the ends. 

It took me years of lackluster shampoo sessions before I finally ditched sulfates. But once I did, it made a dramatic difference in boosting moisture! Now I get out of the shower with bouncy, supple waves instead of tangled straw.

2- Condition, condition, condition! 

One can never over-condition waves! The more moisture we can add, the better defined our wiggly strands will be. After shampooing, I always load my waves up with a moisturizing conditioner from roots to ends. Letting it soak while doing other shower tasks allows maximum absorption.  

I also swear by leave-in conditioners on damp waves post-shower. The lightweight hydration helps prep strands before heat tools or air drying. On extra dry days, a mid-day conditioning treatment gives my waves an added dose of nourishment too. Think of hydrating products as the “glue” that encourages waves to coil beautifully instead of frizzing out.

3- Gently blot out excess water

After washing and conditioning waves, avoid rubbing or wringing strands with a towel. This can cause tangles and frizz. Instead, gently squeeze hair to soak up excess moisture. Or simply blot strands with an old cotton tee until hair is damp, not dripping wet. Removing moisture correctly ensures waves don’t dry out too quickly or become frazzled.  

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4- Try plopping overnight  

Here’s a fun trick: loosely tie hair into an old tee, gently scrunch into a loose bun atop your head, and sleep with it overnight! This “plop” method allows waves to air dry slowly and set into formation by morning. The fabric also gently soaks up leftover moisture without disruption. 

In the AM, gently remove the plop. Fingers-comb to freshen up strands and voila – bouncy, uniform waves with minimal effort! I plop every wash day for low-maintenance waves that last through busy mornings. Such a game-changer!

5- Let air dry when possible

High temperatures from blowdryers and flat irons weaken hair over time for all textures. Whenever I can, I let my waves air dry naturally to prevent excessive heat damage. Air drying preserves the structural bonds within strands for maximum integrity over time. 

If speeding up drying time is necessary, I reach for a diffuser attachment on the cool setting. The wide teeth provide air flow while preventing frizz. Diffusing is gentler than direct heat exposure from other dryers and irons. Plus, it actually enhances wave formation as strands set!

6- Scrunch with a hydrating gel

A key product for me is a hydrating gel containing glycerin. This powerful hydrator amps up moisture within waves to block humidity’s effects. After showering, I rake a generous amount of gel through damp strands from root to tip. Then I scrunch sections upward. 

This “squish to condish” method encourages waves to set in an organized pattern. When hair dries, it dries wavy instead of frizzed out. Be sure to find alcohol-free gels since alcohol is drying for waves. The glycerin provides plenty of humidity protection on its own!

7- Sleep on a satin pillowcase  

Part of maintaining smooth waves relies on how you sleep! Cotton pillowcases absorb moisture and cause friction during the night as you shift around. This roughens up strands and leads to bedhead.  Satin and silk fabrics minimize disruptive friction for hydrated waves that last through morning.

While transitioning to more silk items, a budget fix is to loosely cover hair in an old silk scarf or beanie hat at bedtime. This provides a smooth barrier between your waves and the cotton pillow below. Say goodbye to AM frizz and hello to bombshell bedhead waves!

8- Regular trims are crucial

I used to only trim my hair every 9 months or so to preserve length. But the long I waited between cuts, the more dry and scraggly my ends became from daily wear and tear. Now I trim 1⁄2 inch off my waves about every 10 – 12 weeks to keep damage at bay. Keeping thick, healthy ends helps waves coil more uniformly.  

Regular dustings get rid of pesky split ends before they travel up the hair shaft causing breakage. For wavy hair, every 2 to 3 months is ideal. Resist the urge to skip trims – consistency truly pays off!  

The waves we are born with are unique gifts to be treasured. By being gentle, keeping strands moisturized and handling hair consciously, your gorgeous texture can shine through. It may take some trial and error to find your right products and techniques. But listening to your hair’s needs and staying patient through the journey will reveal lustrous, enviable locks.

I hope these 8 tips help you better understand wavy hair’s care requirements and particular “quirks”. Embrace this special texture and have fun bringing out its beautiful full potential! Consistent moisture, limited heat and nurturing techniques will reveal fabulous, luminous waves that turn heads for all the right reasons.

Now that you know how to care for wavy hair, you can be free from heat styling and chemical products that damage your hair, allowing your natural texture to shine through.


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