Thursday 14 December 2023

Finding relief for uncomfortably large breasts

large breasts

In this post you will find some tips for relief for women with uncomfortably large breasts.

Like many women, I occasionally struggle with having overly large and uncomfortable breasts. As our breasts are made up of fat cells, weight gain inevitably leads to an increase in bust size. This can cause issues like shoulder, neck and back pain, difficulty finding flattering tops and bras that fit properly, and general discomfort. 

While breast reduction surgery is an option for some, it does carry risks. Instead, I’ve found some helpful natural remedies to provide relief when my breasts are feeling especially large and tender.

Ginger and Mint Tea

Ginger and Mint Tea

For quick relief from swelling and tenderness, I drink ginger tea with fresh mint leaves and a squeeze of lemon before bedtime. Ginger and mint both have natural anti-inflammatory properties to relieve fluid retention, helping you wake up feeling lighter and less bloated. 

Camomile and Cinnamon Tea  

Camomile and cinnamon make another soothing tea blend that eases bodily inflammation and helps relax you for a good night’s sleep. As better sleep improves metabolism, this can indirectly aid fat and weight loss over time.  

Camomile and Cinnamon Tea

While not complete solutions on their own, these natural remedies help provide some relief from the discomfort of oversized breasts. Paired with healthy lifestyle changes, I’ve found they can make a real difference. Give them a try during times when your chest is feeling especially troublesome.

While I and some others find drinking anti-inflammatory teas temporarily eases swelling and tenderness, it's important to note that no scientific studies confirm that these herbal remedies permanently shrink breast tissue. The teas mainly provide short-term relief from inflammation and bloating throughout the body.

Ginger, mint, chamomile, cinnamon and other herbs in teas haven't been clinically proven to specifically break down or metabolise fat cells in the breasts. So while they may temporarily minimize fluid retention and discomfort, they cannot substitute for changes to diet, exercise and lifestyle required to achieve lasting breast reduction.

Diet and Exercise.

Eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise, especially cardio workouts, can help burn excess fat and reduce breast size over time. Aim for foods that are low in fat and sugar, high in lean protein and fibre. And try to fit in at least 30 minutes of heart-pumping activity like running, dancing or cycling most days.  

Targeted Chest Exercises.

Along with cardio workouts that burn fat overall, certain chest exercises can also help strengthen and tone the muscles under the breast tissue. This can indirectly minimize the appearance of sagging and lift the look of the breasts. 

Targeted Chest Exercises

Some easy-targeted moves include.

- Modified Push-Ups: Placing hands wider than shoulder-distance helps work the inner and outer pec muscles. Modify on knees as needed.  

- Chest Flys: Lying on your back, open arms out to sides and cross in front of your chest, squeezing pecs together. Use light weights or just bodyweight.

- The Shoulder Press: Standing with weights or water bottles at shoulder height, press arms up together over your head, hold, then slowly lower back to start. 

I generally aim for at least 12-15 reps of these chest-focused moves 2-3 times a week after cardio. Over time, I’ve noticed a lift through my chest area. They’re simple to incorporate without much extra equipment. Give them a try along with the tea remedies for multi-angled breast shrinkage.

I sincerely hope the teas provide some symptom relief, as they have for me. But those considering breast reduction should speak to their doctor about medically-supported weight loss, hormonal balances and surgical options with proven long-term impacts. More research is still needed on alternative natural remedies for breast reduction.

 Some specific exercises that can help tone the chest area!


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