6 ways to protect your skin from sun damage

June 17, 2022

By: Vanessa Freire 

Simple and practical ways to protect your skin from the sun.

Our skin is the most sensitive part of our bodies, and we do need to care for it forever.

It's easy to cause sun damage to the skin when you don't take the correct actions you should take. 

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There are lots of promising ways in which to remove sun damage from your body to be found on the internet, but you will probably need to spend lots of money doing it. 

Here you're going to learn 6 ways to take care of your skin.

1- Pay attention to the amount of exposure you give yourself to the sun, the best time is always first thing in the morning, before 10:00 o'clock, after this time the sun's rays are the most intense, according to (Amber Bauer, ASCO staff July 21/2015). 

2- Wear clothing that covers your skin, I know it can be hard to do when you're feeling so hot. You feel more like you want to remove all your clothing, not put more on.  

3- Use sun lotion with UVA and UVB SPF 30 or 50 depending on your skin type, and this should be a rule for everyone especially those with sensitive skin.  

4-  To prevent dehydration and keep your body with the fluids it needs, drink a lot of water while you're enjoying the beach or swimming pool.

5Wear a hat with a brim all the way around this will be an important accessory to protect your head and neck, you can see some examples in the photo above.  (UK HealthCare/May 20, 2021).

6-   Sunglasses are necessary too as they will protect your eyes from UV rays and the risk of developing cataracts.  There are a lot of sunglasses with UVA, and UVB 100% protection. 


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