Stop policing women's bodies and clothes

September 12, 2021

By: Vanessa Freire 

Stop policing what women choose to wear!!!

You're too fat, you're too slim , these trousers don't fit on you, your clothes have too much detail...
"Hey darling, you look better with plain jeans"... HELP!!!

It would be better if people just stop saying it, we don't need feedback on what to wear. 

In your time off when you are not working you do not need to dress smart or posh. Girls, be yourself!!!

No matter who you are, there's a deep focus on what you're wearing in your everyday life more so if you identify as a female. Standards can be very high especially with todays social media and constant need to keep up with the latest trends. However, how necessary is it? 

I am the kind of girl who likes to use any kind of flowered jeans, ripped with patches. 
I know when some people look me like I don't have the appropriate clothes to go to a restaurant, or at times when some ridiculous man looks at me like I asked for their attention just because my shorts are too short and show too much of my legs. 

What they do not know is that I am simple, basic, and I don't care about opinion.
Sometimes I dress according to the weather.

My body, my wardrobe do not live up to your expectations.

These photos are not mine, they are taken from Pinterest just for demonstration purposes.

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