Can I learn English alone? 10 ways to learn English from home.

June 18, 2021

By:  Vanessa Freire 

Is it possible to learn english alone?

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Now by this, I'm  assuming that person means alone as in not taking a class, that is studying by oneself at home or whatever, self study.
Of course, the simple answer to the question is yes, absolutely. In fact,  I would say that is preferable.

I did take English classes before, but I hated that.
I honestly think that in this modern world, with  the way that the internet and technology and the availability of information, the way the modern world is becoming, I think the use of language classes, the effectiveness of language classes, and importance of teachers is rapidly dwindling.

I think the time where to learn a language, to learn english, you needed to go to a class and be taught by teacher, I think that time has gone.

Today I'm going to give you 10 ways to learn to speak English naturally, without moving to another country.

1-  The main thing that you need to do to improve your speaking, is to speak, but you don't  need to go to classroom to speak or pay a private tutor to speak.
In fact, you can speak, mostly for free in your home.

2- Summarizing
This is the only tip doesn't envolve leaving your house. 
This tip is to take an article, any article, and  try to summarize it in your own words.

3- Learn English with story

Read  a short  part of a story, and then ask yourself questions.

4- Practice a little bit every single day.

5- Follow an audio Soap Opera

What's a Soap Opera?

Is a radio or television serial dealing  with domestic  situations and frequently characterized  by melodrama and  sentimentality.

You can find these programmes on the BBC radio four. The programmes are roughly 30 minutes per day, they are spoken in relatively clear English and in variety of british accents.

6- Talk daily with natives 

 You can use a group on facebook or applications or arrange an exchange, in that way you get to teach someone else your language and learn their language in return, it can be any language you are interested in.

I've used Hello Talk and it is for free.

7-  Set a daily word goal 

Learn x amount of words every  day.
You need to learn  at least one new word per day.

8- Having  discipline 
If you don't have  discipline you can't do anything in this life and it will never work.
Take time to learn, do it 20 or 30 minutes per day, at the same time of day, make it routine.

9- Use news to learn English

I suggest  the New York Times or BBC News 

10-  Get post it notes and label everything in your house.
Every time you associate that object with the word, you're more likely to remember it.

I want to give you  homework...
Take one of the methods I've given you and practice it each day, for ten days and then take a day off. Do it, don't do anything more than that, then repeat it again and again.

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