Don't stop the world, I want to travel!

July 02, 2021

By Adams Souza 28 abril 2020

Contrary to what the title of our text suggestes, in 2020 the world stopped due to the covid-19 pandemic, an invisible enemy that made us press the pause button. 

The tourism sector the first to stop its activities and perhaps it will be the last to recover completely. However, we must ask ourselves: What can we learn from this moment? I believe that we're being presented with a unique opportunity to rethink the way we live and the way we travel and explore the destinations we visit.   

Right now, we are unable to travel, but that does not stop us from planning our next
trips, visiting and learning about the destinations of our dreams, even if virtually. This
is a chance that the universe is giving us to learn to travel responsibly and conscientiously,
to think about how on our next trip we can connect with nature, support local business
and to learn from the local culture. Travelling offers a unique opportunity to learn
about different people and their cultures. Also, it's a precious time for exchanging and
sharing stories.

 I remember it like it was yesterday the first time I boarded on a plane for the very first
time, it was December of 2009. I was invited by a Norwegian family to spend my
summer vacation in Norway. I embarked alone from Brazil to Norway on a trip that
changed my life. Getting on a plane alone still very insecure with my self-taught English
was challenging but seeing the snow for the first time in my life was delightful. I returned
home full of amazing stories and memorable experiences.


In order to keep our travelling spirit alive, we need to be positive in this adverse
moment. The World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) launched the campaign
#TravelTomorrow that seeks to spread the voice of tourism on social networks in the
face of this unprecedented global challenge. The campaign tells us that if we stay at
home today, we can travel tomorrow; and that is all we want the most at the
Our future travels should be more considerate and sustainable than past ones, we must
understand the value of celebrating different cultures, valuing local communities and
understand the importance of intercultural learning: Travelling is simply amazing !
For the world to not stop again, we will need to recycle our way of living and our way

of travelling, it is essential to think and live a sustainable tourism.

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