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Love this website! Life saver!

I am currently working on my abs and spending a lot of time in the gym so I decided to share with you all a few exercises to keep your self slim and trim for the holidays, not to forget Christmas which will be around the corner in no time!

But before I start one thing that is essential for working out is the answer to that dreaded question/questions "what do I wear?" and "is my bum too big in this?" haha

So I went online to StyleWe and had a look at their gorgeous range of clothes and picked out my favorites to share with you all in the sportswear section.

comfy leggings ? these are great for wearing on a lazy day and for your workout if you don't like the tight grab your ass type clothing! personally I like both so I also tried these ones

this one is kinda funky, not going for that plain black look, check out electricyoga not pictured below.

these three are my favorites and I would totally recommend them before you get started take a look.
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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stylewe/

The second thing that was really helpful for me to get started a home, not everyone can afford gym membership so to start out I downloaded the Nike Training app free from the ITunes store. 

Best moves for building up muscle; 

The drop squat, in this exercise you stand with your feet apart as in the picture below, I would advise starting this one without weights to build up some strength first and not do any damage. 

The next exercise I love is using a weight or ball laying on the floor and bringing your knees up to your chest and lifting the weight from over your head to meet your knees, or similar as below with the ball only! please don't drop any weights on yourself we don't want any crushed readers!

my advise download the free Nike training app and check out the Jessie J High Intensity WILD workout works wonders. 

Enjoy your workout and don't forget to also check out these beautiful skirts perfect for your Saturday night out! Have a great rest of the weekend.

Vanessa Freire

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