PressKits Recebidos / Press Kit Received at the event, courtesy of brands & bloggers hangout.

Oi gente!  Ainda sobre o evento The Bloggers Hangout, veja o primeiro post AQUI!
Vou contar para voces o que achei de cada produto que testei.

Today Bemnafrente attended the Bloggers Hangout event in Hoxton London, here are some of the great products that we were able to sample at the event. We would like to share with you some of our favorite moments and the amazing benefits of the products these brands have to offer.  

1-  Peanut Butter | Manteiga de amendoim ou pasta de amendoim se preferir.

Acho que descobrir a pasta de amendoim dos meus sonhos, sério mesmo, nunca tinha provado uma igual, essa é crocante e sem açúcar, porem podemos sentir um pouco de sal marinho.
Assim que cheguei em casa a primeira coisa que fiz foi passar a pasta no pao e acredite eu a comir por tres vezes (sem medo por que nao e gordo).  Mas para voce saber todos os ingredientes o ideal é que voce entre no site para conhecer melhor  http://picspeanutbutter.com/united-kingdom-europe/

This wonderfully tasty peanut butter by the "really good" is not a name you are likely to forget, with a multitude of flavors from Crunchy, to Smooth and my personal favorite "cashew" made from the scrumptious "caju" nut that originated in Brazil. 
Pic's peanut butter born in the sunny New Zealand offers a wide range of benefits with no emulsifiers and the option of added salt, or next to none. You can select the jar that is most suited to your tastes and enjoy the healthy natural product however you like!  


Miracle Tree é uma marca de chá maravilhosa, com deliciosas misturas de Moringa altamente nutritivos e orgânicos em sabores únicos e deliciosos!   Eu achei bem suave e relaxante, super aprovo, entrem no site para conhecer melhor  http://miracletree.co/

Miracle Tree, this product really impressed me with it's health benefits crafted from the Moringa Leaf, taking only the best part of the plant to provide a really subtle but tasty tea! I was blown away, the tea itself comes in many different flavors including Honey & Vanilla, Chocolate, Apple & Cinnamon, Green Tea, Lemon, Ginger, and Mint. Moringa tea is extremely nutritious containing Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Calcium, Iron, Vitamin B12. This tea is a detoxifying Miracle Tree! with more benefits than green tea and black tea designed for keeping healthy and boosting your immune system this organic miracle is yummy and without that twang that makes green tea so difficult to drink. I love green tea, white tea, gunpowder tea, and pretty much all herbals with benefits... but this one you can drink with ease and it's all so tasty!! Highly recommended by us....give it a try.


O que dizer sobre essas coisas coloridas e doces que me fazem voltar a ser crianca por alguns minutos ou horas? amei conhecer e provar POPKAKERY é realmente uma delicia e ainda pode ser personalizado, veja aqui no site deles; http://popkakery.com/index.php

Oh my gosh! this is like eating a chocolate brownie on a stick, Highly dangerous for my waste line. Once you pop you can't stop. This was beautifully crafted. Perfect for a party, not too sweet, just the right amount of cheekiness in a whole range of designs very yummy!

 Alguem aqui nao gosta de coco? porque tudo que contem coco eu acho uma delicia, esses danones sao maravilhosos. O site deles esta em manutencao porem vou deixar aqui porque com certeza vai voltar.  http://www.naturallycoconuts.com/

Yogurt's in all shapes and sizes, my favorite was the coconut with passion fruit. Really fresh, gorgeous flavors. Coconut is extremely good for you and this one is great because it an alternative to milk and dairy. Made from yummy coconut milk this delicious treat also comes as a frozen yogurt!  


Bom para repor as energias, e nos alimentar em momentos corridos, super pratico para carregar para o trabalho, escola ou ate mesmo academia.  Veja mais beneficios aqui no site:  http://theproteindrinksco.co.uk/

Protein shakes by UFIT, these are awesome high protein containing vitamin D, E, C. Calcium. With no added sugar, vitamins and fibre this one is a great energy booster perfect for the fitness fanatic in strawberry and chocolate flavors and more.


Barrinhas de cereais 100% natural, sempre achei uma boa pedida para acrescentar na minha alimentacao especialmente quando estou fazendo dieta.  Veja os beneficios aqui: http://www.getbuzzing.co.uk/

Get Buzzing flapjacks!! with a real buzz. These bars are 100% natural made with seeds, berries, fruit, they do a mixture of bars protein bars, nut free, banana. Suitable for a snack for the office! or for keeping yourself fit and healthy and buzzing for some quality time at the gym designed re-energize yourself after that dreaded spinning class!


Uma especie de cidra deliciosa, à base exclusivamente de cranberries.  disponíveis em  ate 3 sabores refrescante refrigerados. 4% ABV, há 1,1 unidades de álcool por garrafa e é 100% natural; e 99 calorias, que é menos da metade das calorias em vinho branco.

Veja mais aqui no site  http://drinkcranes.co.uk/

Cranes cider, fermented from crushed cranberries. This is a really refreshing new idea, less calories than the average drink made in a variation of flavors such a Raspberry & Pomegranate, Original Cranberry, Strawberry & Kiwi this is one we have enjoyed sampling and would recommend for a nice summers day, take away the Pimms and replace it with the fizzy fruit bird. Forget the beer belly and dive into the cranberry crush!


Oh my! this mouthwatering sushi is made from the finest sushi grade tuna, they cater to parties, offices. Delivering something original and really fine tasting. It's all about quality with their beautiful marinating of the fish with fresh golden beetroot, limes, soy, ginger. All the best flavors placed perfectly. I am craving my next sample of this product! It is new, fresh, and our top recommendation to try, this is one facebook Poke you really want to share! www.thehawaiianfishco.com info@thehawaiianfishco.com

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